Martha Lane Fox

There are hundreds of people tweeting about tech in the UK. How do you figure out who to follow?

Well, we did the hard work for you an rounded up some of the UK’s most interesting Twitter users for tech news and analysis.

We’ve sorted Twitter users according to how much they tweet, how much they engage with other users, and how useful their tweets are.

Additional reporting by Shona Ghosh, Sam Shead, and Rob Price.

44. Samantha Payne from Open Bionics

Handle: @sighsam

Occupation: Cofounder of Open Bionics.

Why: Samantha Payne is cofounder of OpenBionics, a startup building 3D-printed prosthetics, and her Twitter feed is full of the latest science and health-tech news.

Sample tweet:

Tweet Embed:
When you heat up the 3D print bed just to remove it and put it on your lap because it’s cold. Makeshift hot water bottle.

43. Fred Destin from Accel Partners

Handle: @fdestin

Occupation: General partner at Accel Partners.

Why: Destin is a well-known technology investor in London working for Accel Partners. He shares insights on the tech world.

Sample tweet:

Tweet Embed:
Worth repeating: nothing more dangerous for a startup than a VC who lets fear into the boardroom when things get tough. Need steady hands.

42. Kiki Loizou from The Sunday Times

Handle: @KikiLoizou

Occupation: Small business editor at The Sunday Times.

Why: Loizou reports on startups and small businesses for The Sunday Times, and she tweets out her profiles, news, and interviews.

Sample tweet:

Tweet Embed:
Britain’s crowdfunding industry has not produced five “exits” it’s had 3. Here’s my col on the need for transparency

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