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Who is the best paying company in the tech industry? Google? Facebook? Microsoft?

All of those companies pay extremely well. All have landed in this list of top 25 best paying tech companies in 2017, according to Glassdoor, based on self-reported salary data from thousands of employees.

But, when factoring all the jobs across their whole companies, none of those three powerhouses landed at No. 1

And that’s just one of the surprises this list has. For instance, all of these companies pay well over $120,000, when factoring in total compensation, including salaries, bonuses and stock.

Take a look:

No. 25: Brocade, $136,010

Median total compensation: $136,010
Median base compensation: $122,000

Brocade makes equipment for computer storage networks and computer networks. It was bought by Broadcom in November although Broadcom said it wanted the storage business, not the network unit. Extreme Networks announced last month its plans to buy that network business.


No. 24: Xilinx, $137,000

Median total compensation: $137,000
Median base compensation: $119,348

Xilinx is a chip manufacturer best known for building programmable chips.

No. 23: Adobe, $138,000

Median total compensation: $138,000
Median base compensation: $123,000

Adobe offers cloud software for creative and marketing tasks.

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