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You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince (or princess). Even celebrities know that. Unfortunately for them, they don’t get to forget about those frogs as easily as regular folks might. 

With the paparazzi, the internet, and the many gossip magazines out there, their old flings will never die. But just because they won’t die, doesn’t mean they won’t be forgotten from time to time. 

Here are 25 celebrity relationships you’ve probably forgotten about by now. 

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Keira Knightley and Jamie Dornan

Knightley, who was starring in “Pirates of the Caribbean” at the time, dated Dornan back in the early 2000s

Well before the name Christian Grey had ever been thought up, Dornan was just a male model, a nobody, really, compared to the international movie star he was dating. That kind of pressure is what eventually led to their break up after two years of dating.

There is a big pressure when you go out with someone such as Keira,” Jamie told the Daily Mirror in 2006, after they broke up. “The man is meant to be the alpha in the relationship on the money and power front, and clearly I was not. You feel like you have to be dominant in other areas and that causes problems…” 

Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively

From May to August 2011, these two gorgeous actors couldn’t get enough of each other. They were spotted all over Europe holding hands and were seen together stateside before they ended their summer of love

These infamously private stars never went on (or off) the record about their relationship, but it’s all history now anyway. By October, Blake had started a relationship with her now husband, Ryan Reynolds.  

Melissa Joan Hart and Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds was cast to work alongside Hart in the 1996 movie “Sabrina The Teenage Witch,” which is where their fling started. According to Hart, Reynolds was smitten and even gave her a nice watch on the last day of shooting. 

He was 17 and I was, like, 19. I was like, ‘You’re too young for me,'” she told Chelsea Handler in 2013. “But I wasn’t sure so I just grabbed him and started kissing him. You get a piece of jewelry like that, you gotta make out with the guy!”

Things didn’t end up going any further because Hart had another boyfriend at the time, but she admitted recently that that might have been a mistake.

We were smitten and cute. He was adorable. He was a really nice guy,” she said on Australia’s “Studio 10” talk show in March 2017. “I had a boyfriend at the time. [He] probably would have been a great boyfriend. And I didn’t end up with the other guy, so maybe I should have taken a chance!”

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