In the last major “Star Wars” game, “Battlefront,” you’re given a sandbox of “Star Wars” characters and worlds to play in.

It’s very pretty — one of the best-looking games on any system — but doesn’t hold a candle to what one intrepid gamer turned it into. 


Star Wars Battlefront mod

No, that isn’t a still from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” — that’s what happens when you apply a “mod” (modification) to “Star Wars Battlefront” on PC. And no, you can’t do this to the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions, sadly; modding games requires a level of access to the guts of a game that you simply can’t access on consoles.

All that aside: Whoa, right?

All of these images was captured by the mod’s creator, Martin Bergman.

Bergman says that running the mod can be pretty intensive on your computer’s processor.

It apparently drops the framerate pretty dramatically (in the 30-40 frames per second range).

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