Snapchat World Lenses

It was a big month for photo apps. 

Snapchat added 3D lenses to its rear-facing camera, Memoji launched to help turn your selfies into emojis, and FaceApp, which can age a photo of you or swap your gender, launched on Android. 

Plus, Google made changes to two of its most-used services. 

Here are some of the coolest new app launches and updates you may have missed this month. 

Memoji turns your selfies into emojis.

A new app from selfie editor Facetune takes photos of your face and gives them emoji expressions — laughing, crying, blowing kisses, getting sick, etc. They can be still images or turned into GIFs and videos, often with surprising (and frightening) results. 

Called Memoji, this iPhone app can be used on your own face by snapping a quick selfie or can take imported images of someone else and contort them into emojis. 

Read more about how to use Memoji here.

Uber made it easier to find your passenger rating.

Uber will now show your passenger rating in the app, meaning you don’t need to email Uber support or wait to find out how Uber drivers rated you.

Find out the new way to see your rating here

Google Photos added a feature that stabilizes shaky video.

Unless you always have a tripod with you, it’s hard to count on videos you take being 100% shake-free. But for Google Photos users, there’s some good news: the app is adding a video stabilization feature. 

According to Android Police, the feature is rolling out with version 2.13 and will start with Android devices. It doesn’t appear to have arrived for iOS quite yet, but iPhone users should have it soon. 

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