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The INSIDER Summary:

  • With thousands of apps in the App Store and Google Play, it’s hard to separate the good from the bad.
  • INSIDER rounded up 24 apps that’ll actually make your life easier.
  • Use TaskRabbit to find a handyman, Tiny Scanner to turn pictures into PDFs, and Hopper to save money on your flights.

Deciding which apps to download from the thousands available on the App Store or Google Play can be stressful — especially if you just bought a new phone. Even if you’ve had your phone for years, you may not be using apps that are worth your time.

INSIDER found 24 apps that will make your life better, whether by shortening your commute or delivering groceries to your front door. The best part? Most of them are completely free: 

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TaskRabbit connects you with people who will help you move, clean, build a desk, and more.

Half-LinkedIn, half-Craigslist, TaskRabbit helps you find people in your neighborhood who will take care of everyday tasks for you. All you have to do is describe the task, and choose and book someone from a list of qualified and vetted “Taskers.”

I’ve used TaskRabbit for everything from fixing a leaky sink to building a bed frame. Taskers on the app have detailed profiles and client reviews which give me peace of mind, and they’re usually less expensive than professionals I find on Yelp.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS, Android

Pacifica teaches you how to improve your mood and mental health.

Like Headspace, Pacifica is designed to help you relax and manage stress. In addition to following guided meditations, you can also keep track of your mood, identify negative thought patterns, and set goals. But while Headspace requires a paid subscription after its initial 10-day free trial, Pacifica is completely free. (You can upgrade to unlock more features for as low as $2.99 a month.)

Price: Free
Available on: iOS, Android

Instapaper lets you read online articles, even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

If you’ve ever made, downloaded, and listened to playlists offline in Spotify Premium, you basically already know how to use Instapaper. This app keeps me entertained during long, boring commutes underground and lets me quickly bookmark articles I want to read later.

You can also organize articles into neat categories, highlight your favorite lines, and leave notes in the margins.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS, Android

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