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Summer is almost upon us and with it comes summer internships.

The tech industry is famous for its internships. With more open jobs than the industry can fill, companies use internship programs to scout for talent and to give them a leg up when making offers to graduates.

And that means interns in tech are up for some pretty exciting experiences, full of interesting work, parties, and great pay.

Job hunting site Glassdoor sifted through its giant databases of self-reported salaries to come up with this list of the best-paying tech internships, based on at least 25 salary reports in US dollars by US-based interns in the past year.

In cases where companies offered the same median monthly pay, the company with the greater number of salary reports entered by former interns into Glassdoor’s site receives higher rank.

No. 15: MathWorks, $5,120 a month

Median monthly pay: $5,120

Mathworks makes popular programming languages and modeling tools for technical computing.

Internship details: MathWorks interns are assigned mentors to help them achieve milestones with plenty of regular feedback on their performance. Internships last between three and six months, for summer and throughout the year.

An interns says: “Amazing workplace and wide range of career options.” —Former Web Developer Intern

No. 14: Adobe, $5,120 a month

Median monthly pay: $5,120

Adobe offers cloud software for graphics, photographers and marketers.

Internship details: Adobe is a big name in software. Interns work with master statisticians, experienced designers, engineering fellows, community activists and so on.

An intern says: “Lots of benefits, great employee perks and events, including a chance to have a meeting with the CEO. Became a full member of a team for 3 months.” —Former Computer Scientist Intern

No. 13: Workday, $5,440 a month

Median monthly pay: $5,440

Workday sells financial and HR cloud software to businesses.

Internship details: Workday calls its internship program Generation Workday, and says the program balances fun, support and challenge.

An intern says: “Interns got to design and build their own project. Treated like a full time employee, and everyone was always willing to explain the code base / language to us. Workday is a super collaborative and supportive environment.” — Current Software Applications Engineer Intern


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