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Not every app is built in Silicon Valley: Match is from Texas, Sling TV was built in Colorado, and the Domino’s app was created in Michigan. 

In a new report on job creation, Apple has broken out how many jobs it’s helped create that are “attributable to the App Store ecosystem” — so, app makers. Apple says that out of the 2 million jobs its created nationwide, more than 1.5 million are related to building apps. 

As part of the report, Apple picked three apps that were built in each state. While some are hyperlocal, like an Oklahoma-centric weather app or a regional bank in West Virginia, others have millions of users each day. 

Here are Apple’s picks to represent all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C.

Alabama: iCell, Guess the Emoji, Regions

iCell is a biology app made for students and teachers and provides a 3D view of a cell. 

Guess the Emoji is an app for solving emoji logic puzzles

Regions is a mobile banking app

Alaska: Cruise Cam, SuperBall 3, StatMan

Cruise Cam lets you virtually sail on a cruise ship.

SuperBall 3 is a block-breaking game.

StatMan shows you all the information about your iPhone. 

Arizona: 2X SX Lite, The Executive, Hooked On

2XL Supercross Lite is a motocross racing game.

The Executive is a martial arts game where a CEO fights a horde of werewolves.

Hooked on Words is a single and multiplayer word game

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