In 2007, a mysterious game named “BioShock” seemingly came out of nowhere. It was cinematic, philosophical, gorgeous, and thrilling — a game that thrilled critics and became a blockbuster commercial success.


Ten years later, we may have the makings of another breakout hit in the same vein as the beloved “BioShock.”

The game’s called “Prey,” and it just launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Prey (2017)

While “BioShock” took place in an underwater dystopia, “Prey” takes place in a futuristic space station overtaken by an alien species that’s usually imprisoned. But everything is not as it seems in “Prey.” Where the world of “BioShock” had so-called “plasmids,” the world of “Prey” has neuromods. With every power you choose, a bit more of your humanity slips away. 

This is the give and take of “Prey,” and it’s just the surface of the tradeoffs you’ll face on the space station Talos 1.

“Prey” is a first-person character action game, where you explore a beautiful, isolated world that’s falling apart. It’s riddled with story clues, unique characters, and stuff that wants to kill you. It very much feels like “BioShock” in space, which I mean as a compliment.

There’s a sharp, distinct sense of style right from the jump. This office is yours, which you visit early on in the game.

The story backbone to “Prey” is based on the concept that President John F. Kennedy survived his assassination, and advanced the human push into space dramatically as a result. An alien force, known as the Typhon, saw humans as a threat and attacked. The US and the Soviet Union joined forces against the threat, defeated it, and built a space station to imprison and study the aliens.

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