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With its techno nightclubs, hipster coffee shops, and eccentric residents, Berlin has developed a reputation for being one of Europe’s coolest cities.

The German capital — once described as “poor but sexy” by former mayor Klaus Wowereit — may be arty but it has struggled to compete with other German cities such as Frankfurt and Hamburg when it comes to economic output.

There are signs, however, that this is starting to change, thanks in part to a surge in the number of technology companies that are now based in Berlin.

From tech giants like Google and Facebook to local success stories like music streaming service SoundCloud and to-do list app Wunderlist, Berlin is spawning a diverse range of technology firms that employ thousands of people across the city.

Here are 28 of the coolest tech firms in Berlin:

28. Daheim

Daheim is a social startup that’s aiming to help refugees across Germany to learn German. The startup’s platform allows refugees from countries like Iraq and Afghanistan to have a Skype-like video call with a German-speaking person who is happy to try to help refugees to learn the language.

Founded: 2016

Funding: Between €60,000 (£49,000) and €70,000 (£58,000)

Number of staff: 9 (volunteers)

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27. Heuro Labs

Heuro Labs comprises a team of 10 computer scientists, quantum physicists, and mathematicians developing an artificial intelligence platform called Cognitio. The company states on its website that its mission is to make machines intelligent and autonomous so that humans can focus on other tasks.

Founded: 2014

Funding: Not disclosed

Number of staff: 10

26. Tech Open Air

Tech Open Air is a summer festival in Berlin that aims to combine tech, music, art and science. The idea for the festival was conceived in 2014 and has since been backed by SoundCloud cofounder Alex Ljung, Wunderlist cofounder Christian Reber, and Factory cofounder Simon Schäfer. Tech Open Air also holds a series of other events in cities around the world, such as Tokyo, Cape Town, and Austin.

Founded: 2014

Funding: Not disclosed

Number of staff: 10-15

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