Every week, innovative new tech gadgets come on the scene. But for every practical invention, there is also a totally outlandish, off-the-wall gizmo. 

Here at Business Insider, our inboxes are flooded every day with emails from startups and companies “pitching” their game-changing products.  

We can’t write about everything, of course. But some of these products are so odd, unusual or just plain fun that it feels wrong to let them languish, unheralded, in the depths of our inboxes.

So we’ve compiled some of our recent favorites. And who knows, they might just change the world.

See for yourself:

HoverBike, a bike and hoverboard in one

The HoverBike is a two-wheeled bicycle powered by your hoverboard. The bike weighs less than 10 pounds and has an attachment for two different types of hoverboards, which then work to power the bike. HoverBike’s Kickstarter campaign launched in May, and the company says early bird orders will begin shipping by July. 

The company says a pledge of $129 will get you your own HoverBike. As with any Kickstarter campaign, pledge at your own risk. 

Mighty Stash Pack, a reinvented lunch bag

A company called Dynomighty has launched a Kickstarter campaign for what it claims is a reinvented lunch bag. Called the Mighty Stash Pack, it’s an expandable bag that flips inside out for easy cleaning. When flat, the bag is only about an inch thick but once packed, it expands to the shape of a tent “to hold ample food for any adult lunch.”

The bag will eventually cost $20, though a pledge of $15 to the company’s Kickstarter campaign right now will get you one at a discount.

Rolkaz hemp skateboards

Rolkaz Collective has created a skateboard made entirely of hemp, flax, and plant-based resin “with the belief that skateboarding and the care for our planet should go hand in hand.” There are two styles available, the Drifter and the Mala, for pledges of $150 and $120 respectively. Both styles come in raw, purple, lime, and blue. 

For more information or to back this project, check out the company’s Kickstarter campaign

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