applebeesThe INSIDER Summary:

  • Applebee’s may be one of the most popular chain restaurants in the country. 
  • Before you sit down for dinner you should know some history about the place.
  • There are now more than 1,900 locations in the world and it’s actually owned by IHOP.

Like the Olive Garden and the Cheesecake Factory, Applebee’s has a cult following. Thanks to surprisingly innovative menu items and fun, boozy drinks, it makes sense. Plus, you can always depend on the menu holding true no matter where you are in the country. But the chain didn’t just gave rise to one of my favorite movie quotes / advice on relationships from the trashy Rom-Com Couples Retreat:


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1. It’s been around since the ’80s

Founded in Decatur, Georgia by Bill and T.J. Palmer, Applebee’s was originally inspired by another restaurant that was popular in Atlanta during the 1970s called Billy’s.

2. The restaurant was almost called Cinnamon’s

And Pepper’s. And, most awkwardly, Appleby’s (with the same pronunciation). We’re glad the owners had to change it up due to trademarks and licensing.

3. There are now more than 1,900 locations in the world

They’re dotted around the globe, in 15 countries like Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Greece, Indonesia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, China, and Egypt. Because of this, the company employs about 28,000 people.

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