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Apple is back in the business of trying to convince consumers to switch to its products from a rival platform. Only this time it’s targeting users of Android, not Windows.

The iPhone maker on Monday launched a new website that’s aimed at persuading people who currently have an Android phone to buy an iPhone from Apple. The colorful webpage includes a link to buy an iPhone as well as answers to a series of questions related to why users should switch and how difficult he transition will be. 

One example question: “Will it be easy to switch to iPhone?” 

Apple’s reassuring answer: “Yes, it will. There’s no need to save your stuff elsewhere before switching from Android. Just download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play Store and it securely transfers your content for you.”

The iPhone giant has been focused on been focused on luring over Android users for a while now, and Apple CEO Tim Cook likes to throw out statistics about the number of “switchers” from Android to iPhone, indicating that it is one of the data points that Apple closely watches.

Mac PC John Hodgman Justin long“We saw the largest absolute number of switchers outside of Greater China that we’ve ever seen in the same period,” Cook said during the company’s last earnings call, MacRumors points out

Apple has targeted Android customers before with a separate website. And two years ago, it released an app called “Move to iOS” for Android that was designed to help switchers. 

Apple launches single-topic sites like this for many of its programs, including its recent push to hold classes at Apple retail locations, as well as a web page heralding the number of jobs Apple says it is responsible for creating in the United States.

The targeting of Android is reminiscent of Apple’s campaign last decade to convince Windows PC users to “Get a Mac.” 

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