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Jordan Peele’s directorial debut “Get Out” became a surprise critical and box-office sensation earlier this year thanks to its chilling look at racism through the guise of a horror movie.

There are countless fascinating things about the movie, about a black man who joins his white girlfriend for a visit to her parents’ house, but one standout comes toward the end. (Warning: Spoilers ahead.) Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) has been brought down to the basement and is about to have the brain of a white man put in his skull when we are given a glimpse of the real Rose (Allison Williams), his heretofore “girlfriend.”

What’s quickly become known as “the Froot Loops scene” shows Rose wearing all white with her hair pulled back tight in a ponytail listening to “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” while eating Froot Loops in a bowl and sipping milk from a straw out of a glass. Sitting on her bed, with framed photos of her past conquests hanging on the wall, she’s doing a Bing search on her laptop for “Top NCAA Prospects.”

The brief scene is a sublime mix of comedy and horror that has stayed with people long after they’ve watched the movie.

It’s also launched some great memes, like Peele tweeting a picture of Donald Trump Jr. eating cereal with the hashtag #getoutchallenge.

Then there’s this creative meme that went viral featuring a photo of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway sitting awkwardly in the Oval Office while looking at her phone during a visit from leaders of historically black colleges with a picture alongside it of a search box and the entry “Top NCAA Prospects.”