amusement parkThe INSIDER Summary

  • Family time doesn’t need to mean sitting on the couch watching a movie or simply eating dinner together.
  • From paintballing to whalewatching, we’ve found 17 fun ways to get the whole family outside.

These days, families spend way too much time staring into their phones.

Unglue them from their various devices by planning some super fun outdoor activities they simply can’t resist.

Here are 17 fun activities for the whole fam that will make for some major bonding moments. 

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Create a scavenger hunt

Create your own scavenger hunt using inside jokes and family lore to lead the whole gang on a wild goose chase around the neighborhood.


Get outside and do some good by volunteering with your whole family. From cleaning up a local park to walking dogs from a shelter, there are tons of ways to help out and have fun in the sun.

Try go-karting

Put the video game consoles down and go to an actual go-kart track for the day. You’ll be surprised at how competitive your family will become. 

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