pixel and iphone

I’ve been switching back and forth between my iPhone 6s Plus and our Google Pixel review unit, and I keep wishing I had the Pixel.

You should note that everything here is subjective. The iPhone has great features that the Pixel doesn’t have, and the Apple ecosystem is in a league of its own.

But damn the Pixel is good.

You should also note that I’m comparing the Pixel XL experience with my iPhone 6s and not the iPhone 7 series. That’s because I have more experience with the 6s Plus, as it has been my phone for the past year and a half. However, the iPhone 6s Plus isn’t that much different, as a whole, from the iPhone 7. The performance between the two phones is still comparable, and the iPhone 7’s camera upgrades aren’t as important as some of the Pixel’s more functional features.

Check out what I think makes the Pixel a better phone than the iPhone:

The Pixel is lighter.

My iPhone 6s Plus’ weight (192 grams) never bothered me until I picked up the Google Pixel XL (168 grams). The iPhone 7 Plus is slightly lighter than the 6s Plus at 188 grams, but that’s a difference of only 4 grams, so I’d still consider the 7 heavy compared with the Pixel.

The Pixel’s lighter weight has no ill effect on its reliability, and it’s easier to manage in your hands.

The Pixel is slightly smaller but has the same size of screen.

The difference is slight, but it’s there and noticeable on a device you hold and use many times a day.

The iPhone is in the lower end in terms of screen-to-bezel ratio (67.7%) compared with the Pixel XL (71.2%).

The Pixel’s screen is stunning.

The Pixel’s design is more utilitarian than it is beautiful, but its AMOLED screen outshines the iPhone’s Retina display. Everything looks better on the Pixel than on the iPhone’s LCD display. Pictures, videos, and apps pop with inky blacks and vibrant (but not oversaturated) colors on the Pixel, which makes for a more premium and modern look overall.

In the photo above (taken with the Pixel, by the way), the Pixel XL and the iPhone 6s Plus are showing the same photo on full brightness. The iPhone’s LCD screen is nice, but the colors aren’t as rich, and the contrast isn’t as pronounced, as on the Pixel’s display.

Also, the iPhone 7 Plus has a 1080p screen that’s fine and sharp enough, but the Pixel’s 1440p screen is sharper. 

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