Ridiculous smartphone apps

Apps are arguably one of the best perks of having a smartphone. They can make life easier, better, and a lot more fun.

However, with more than five million apps available right now in the App Store and Google Play combined, there are bound to be some duds.

So naturally, INSIDER set out to find them. Here are 17 truly ridiculous apps that we can’t believe you can still download.

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For $0.99, “the most advanced Hands Cooler in the App Store” can be yours.

I guess you could buy this if you like falling asleep to the sound of a fan running. But why would you when there are other free alternatives?

Download it on iOS for $0.99

Buy Harmonica, pop your iPhone in your mouth, and impress no one with annoying harmonica sounds.

This app was one of iTunes’ Top 10 Paid Music Apps of 2008 — which, let’s be real, sounds about right for 2008.

Download it on iOS for $0.99

If you really love sticking your phone in your mouth, you should also download Lick the Icicle.

Just kidding. This app actually substitutes your tongue for your finger, thankfully. But that really doesn’t make it any better.

Download it on Android for free

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