jessica chastain

The INSIDER Summary:

  • Jessica Chastain spoke out about the lack of female storytellers in Hollywood at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • During a press conference, “The Martian” actress said she was disturbed by the female characters she saw represented.
  • Chastain said we need more female storytellers to have more “authentic female characters” on screen.
  • The actress has previously spoken out about equal pay for women in Hollywood.

“The Martian” actress Jessica Chastain is not happy with the way she’s currently seeing women portrayed in film, and she wasn’t afraid to let others know at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

“I do believe that if you have female storytelling you also have more authentic female characters,” said Chastain, a judge at the festival, during the festival’s closing press conference over the weekend. “This is the first time I’ve watched 20 films in 10 days — and I love movies — and the one thing I really took away from this experience is how the world views women from the female characters that I saw represented, and it was quite disturbing to me to be honest.”

The actress said it wasn’t something in every movie she watched, but Chastain noticed a trend in many of the films.

“There are some exceptions, I will say, but for the most part, I was surprised with the representation of female characters on screen in these films and I do hope that when we include more female storytellers we will have more of the women that I recognize in my day-to-day life, ones that are proactive, have their own agencies, don’t just react to the men around them,” Chastain added. “They have their own point-of-view.”

Chastain instantly received praise for her comments from women in Hollywood for speaking openly and honestly.