toto toilet Neorest 750H

Heated seats, doors that open automatically, and an energy-saving system — these are features we’ve come to expect from luxury cars. But Japan’s biggest toilet maker has brought these high-tech features and more to its premiere line of commodes.

Founded 100 years ago, Toto makes toilets — most of which include remote-controlled bidet spouts — that have become mainstays in Asian households, restaurants, and public buildings. The company has struggled to crack the North American market.

Earlier this year, Toto opened a showroom in San Francisco to give urban-dwellers the chance to experience Japanese-style toilets. On a recent visit, I used the company’s most expensive and luxurious toilet. Here’s what it was like.

This is the Neorest 750H — the porcelain throne to rule all thrones.

As a company spokesperson walks me through the showroom, she describes the Neorest 750H — not the sexiest name — as the “Mercedes Benz of toilets.” It costs $10,200.

She shows me to a bathroom where the Neorest 750H, the company’s most expensive toilet, sits. I ask if visitors can actually use it and she tells me “it’s encouraged.”

I move closer to the toilet and the lid opens for me.

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