Apple just debuted the next version of the operating system that runs on all Apple computers.

Apple WWDC 2017 High Sierra

The software, known as MacOS, is getting some major updates. Here’s what we know so far:

  • It’s called MacOS “High Sierra.” (Really.)
  • Safari is getting a major update, making it “the world’s fastest desktop browser” in the new OS.
  • The new version of Safari has a service called, “Autoplay Blocking” that stops media from auto-playing across the entire web. There’s also a new service to stop ads from tracking you across the web.
  • Photos can recognize more faces, and is getting a bunch of categorization updates. The information you input will automatically sync across all your Apple devices.
  • The core file system of MacOS is getting a major overhaul, which — in practice — means file management will go much faster than before. A demonstration on-stage at Apple’s WWDC developer event showed a dramatically faster file duplication process. That’s really meaningful for everyone using MacOS — it means faster backing up of files, moving of files, and much more. 


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