I’ve been playing PC games on Acer’s X34 ultra-wide monitor for a few months, and I can safely say that compared to standard monitors, wider monitors offer a distinct advantage.

Ultrawide monitors like Acer’s X34 have a 21:9 aspect ratio, whereas standard monitors have a 16:9 aspect ratio. That 21:9 aspect ratio translates to a wider field-of-view than a standard monitor, which means I can spot enemies that I normally wouldn’t see with a standard monitor. 

acer predator x34 game

The benefits of a wider field-of-view was one of Samsung’s main selling points for its latest “super ultrawide” CHG90 monitor, which has an insane 32:9 aspect ratio and is wider than standard 16:9 monitors, and even the 21:9 X34 ultrawide monitor. From Samsung’s demo and my own experience with ultrawide monitors, those benefits ring true.

Check it out:

Here’s what the “Battlefield 1” game looks like while using a standard 16:9 monitor.

And here’s what “Battlefield 1” looks like on Samsung 32:9 CHG90 monitor.

See those green circles surrounding the red highlighted enemies on the edges of the screen? You may have spotted the enemy on the left with a standard monitor, but you may not have spotted the enemy on the very right. Being aware of that enemy on the right, I can plan my next move and react to dangers much more quickly and effectively.

Is it cheating?

Though I’m a huge fan of these ultrawide computer monitors, I’ve certainly felt that they’ve given me an unfair advantage while playing against players with standard monitors.

There were a few instances while playing “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” where I saw an enemy player on the very edge of the X34’s ultrawide screen, and I was able to dispatch those players before they could even see me. There’s no way of knowing whether or not the enemy players had a regular or ultrawide monitor, but assuming they had the more-common standard monitor, the playing field essentially became uneven because of my choice of hardware.

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