Like so many things created in France, PlayStation 4 exclusive game “Detroit: Become Human” is unbelievably beautiful.

Detroit: Become Human

Not bad, right? He’s one of the many humanoid robots featured in a new game from French game-development studio Quantic Dream. And that’s not computer graphics you see above — that’s the game itself.

But maybe you don’t go in for robot people. How’s this?

detroit, playstation

“Detroit: Become Human” is an upcoming game for the PlayStation 4, with no release date beyond the entire year 2018. What we’ve got right now, though, is a ton of information, images, and videos about the gorgeous upcoming game.

“Detroit” is a game about artificial intelligence and humanity’s future. Guess where it’s set?

The game is set in a near-future version of real-world city Detroit, Michigan. Things haven’t improved much from current day, it looks like.

The outskirts of the city are still looking not so great. The near-future of “Detroit: Become Human” isn’t a utopia, but it is recovering from its current state.

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