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Mike Lynch, the 52-year-old British tech Goliath behind one of Britain’s most successful tech companies, is an ambitious, intellectual powerhouse.

Described as Britain’s Bill Gates by The Sunday Times, Lynch has been under the spotlight ever since he sold his big data company, Autonomy, to HP for $11.7 billion (£8.7 billion).

Following the acquisition, HP sued Lynch for fraud, alleging that he inflated Autonomy’s revenues by $700 million (£552 million) before the deal. Lynch then counter-sued, leading to an intense legal battle that continues today.

When Lynch isn’t fighting HP, he’s focused on spotting the next generation of tech startups that have the potential to grow into multi-billion dollar companies like Autonomy through his $1 billion (£770 million)venture capital company, Invoke Capital.

Michael Richard Lynch was born in Ilford, Essex, on June 16, 1965.

He had humble beginnings: his mother was a nurse and his father was a fireman.

Lynch said that his father regretted not having the chance to go to university. “He realised the importance of education so that was something that was very much fostered in my home,” Lynch told LeadersIn.

When he was 11-years-old, he won a scholarship to study at Bancroft’s School in Woodford, Essex. Today, for those not on a scholarship, the school charges £17,382 per student per year.

Lynch, pictured in the centre of this five-piece jazz band, was interested in music from a young age.

Lynch got his first taste of management from running a band in his early twenties. The name of the band isn’t known.

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