venice canals in los angeles

From San Francisco down to San Diego, California has no shortage of tourist destinations.

And while you can’t avoid all the crowds, there are some alternatives to well-known tourist traps that will change your trip for the better.

Quora users help us identify some of he worst tourist traps in the state, and gave us some tips on what to see instead.

Keep scrolling to see where to go — and where to avoid.

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Instead of visiting the crowded Hollywood Walk of Fame, experience the Hollywood Sign up close by hiking the Hollywood Reservoir.

You would rarely find movie stars in Hollywood itself,” Quora user David Mullich said.

If you’re on the lookout to spot celebrities, Mullich suggests visiting Beverly Hills, the Pacific Palisades, or Malibu instead. If you still want to get the Hollywood experience minus the crowds, try hiking the Hollywood Reservoir path for a stellar view of the famous sign.

Instead taking a typical hike in the Muir Woods, explore the equally beautiful Lost Coast and Shelter Cove.

The Muir Woods National Monument is known to be the place to see Northern California’s famous redwood trees. However, Reddit user democritusparadise suggested checking out Lost Coast and Shelter Cove for a more unique experience that’s arguably better than the famous site. 

“If you want to see redwood forests, go to the Lost Coast and Shelter Cove and you see sights that make the Muir Woods look like a shrubbery without a path going down the middle,” they said. 

Instead of visiting SeaWorld in San Diego, see whales in their natural habitat on a whale watching boat trip.

Instead of burning money to see whales in captivity, go whale watching to see them in their natural habitat.

Whale watching can be done all up and down the California coastline, so enjoy a day on a boat, whether you’re up north in Monterey or down south in Orange County.

“I’d suggest a whale watching trip in either Dana Point or San Diego,” Reddit user Allalison said. 

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