oneplus 5 gold

One of the best Android smartphones you can buy now comes in a classy gold color.

OnePlus announced on Monday that it’s released a “Soft Gold” limited edition of its OnePlus 5 phone. The company is only making the version in “select quantities,” it said in a blog post. It didn’t make clear exactly how many it plans to make.

The “Soft Gold” OnePlus 5 is only available in the base model of the phone, which comes with 6GB of RAM. That version was previously only available in a dark gray color. Despite the new color choice, the model’s price will stay the same — $479.

The more powerful model, which comes with 8GB of RAM, is still only available in black. OnePlus said it has no plans to make a golden version of that model.  

Check out the new gold-colored OnePlus 5:

The “Soft Gold” edition of the OnePlus 5 has a matte finish that resembles the gold version of the iPhone 7.

It’s the only color option for the OnePlus 5 that also includes a white front.

Before the “Soft Gold” OnePlus 5, you could only get the phone in “Slate Gray” and “Midnight Black.”

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