13 Reasons Why

When the second season of “13 Reasons Why” comes to Netflix next year, expect to see a lot of new faces at Liberty High.

According to Variety, seven new actors will join the 13-episode second season. The series, which has received both praise from critics and and a healthy share of criticism, follows a teenage girl, Hannah Baker, who takes her own life and leaves behind 13 tapes explaining why she committed suicide. 

Keep reading to meet the characters who will join the Netflix series. 

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Anne Winters will play a cheerleader and popular “it girl” named Chloe.

The 23-year-old actress has been on FX’s “Tyrant” and ABC’s canceled “Wicked City.”

Bryce Cass will play “an edgy, cynical mischief maker” named Cyrus, reports Variety.

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This is Cass’ first major role. He has appeared on NBC”s “The Night Shift” and the movie “Battle Los Angeles.”

Chelsea Alden will play Cryus’ artsy and outspoken sister, Mackenzie.

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Alden has appeared on FX’s “American Horror Story,” HBO’s “Veep,” and The CW’s “Jane the Virgin,” among other shows.  

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