newark njAmazon is narrowing down the search for the home of its $5 billion second headquarters, called HQ2. In January, the company selected 20 metros across North America as finalists.

One of the biggest underdogs is Newark, New Jersey, a city with an economy that has struggled to recover from the 2008 recession.

At first glance, Newark’s HQ2 bid, released by the state on April 25, doesn’t offer too many surprises. It boasts about Newark’s available workforce, vacant space, transit options, and economic incentives — all requirements that Amazon highlighted in its original request for HQ2 proposals from cities.

New Jersey also hints at other projects that are not directly related to HQ2, but that Amazon could be involved in. These projects include a fleet of driverless cars, a massive online library, and the development of entire housing communities.

Since Amazon chose Newark as a top contender, the bid suggests these kinds of civic projects — which go beyond its core retail business — are attractive to the tech giant.

Take a look at Newark’s bid below.

Newark, New Jersey is one of 20 cities that Amazon’s second headquarters could land in.

The HQ2 campus promises 50,000 jobs over the next 10 to 15 years.

The city is proposing eight sites in its Broad Street Station District, Penn Station District, and downtown.

These sites include specific buildings, as well as general neighborhoods that have ample vacant space: SoMa, Mulberry Commons, Gateway Center, Matrix Riverfront, Lotus Riverfront, Military Park, NJPAC, 520 Broad Street, and 33 Washington Street.

Newark has at least 15 million square feet of existing office space, which would allow Amazon to move in as early as this year.

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