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  • The movie review website Rotten Tomatoes collects film reviews and creates a critics consensus based on “fresh” and “rotten” ratings.
  • Any movie on the website that has a rating below 60% is considered “rotten.”
  • 2018 films like “Gotti” and “Breaking In” were rated as rotten for numerous reasons.
  • Sometimes critics and audiences disagreed on how good or bad a movie was. 

With awards season fast approaching and speculation swirling about which films will be nominated at the Academy Awards, there are a number of films that will be left out of the awards circuit due to low ratings from critics.

This year Rotten Tomatoes pulled reviews from countless film critics to create fresh and rotten ratings for newly released films.

Here were the 25 worst reviewed movies of 2018, according to the movie review site.

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Reviewers loved Gabrielle Union but hated “Breaking In.”

Gabrielle Union (“The Birth of a Nation,” “Love and Basketball”) is the lead of the summer action flick “Breaking In.” In the movie, Union plays a mother determined to save her two children from a dangerous hostage situation by breaking into her own house.

Many critics called it campy and ill-plotted, giving it a rating of 26%. Even Louisa Moore of Screen Zealots, who gave it a fresh review, said it was a “good bad movie.”

Critics said that “Forever My Girl” had too much schmaltz for its own good.

Accused by many as attempting to duplicate the success of Nicholas Sparks’ romantic films, “Forever My Girl” is a romance based on a novel that stars Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe.

Film critics mostly found the country romance superficial and overly sentimental, but the audience score is significantly higher than the critical rating; critics gave it 26% and filmgoers gave it a fresh rating of 83%.

Critics adored Anna Faris but praised little else in “Overboard.”

A remake of the 1987 comedy of the same name, “Overboard” is a comedy starring Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris. In the original film, a rich woman (Goldie Hawn) falls off of a ship and gets amnesia, resulting in a comedy of errors when Kurt Russell convinces her that they are married.

In the remake, it is Derbez who falls overboard and Faris who tricks him. Despite an outpouring of support for Faris’ performance, most critics found little redeemable in the rest of the movie, resulting in a score of 25%.

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